Certified Healthcare Information Management Officer (CHIMO)

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   To become: Certified Healthcare Information Management Officer (CHIMO)

The purpose of adopting the Health Information System in healthcare is to deliver better care for patients. It improves the quality of healthcare delivery by reducing medical errors, improving patient safety, and improves communication between healthcare providers.
The CHIMO help IT managers improve organisational performance by providing them with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to manage information effectively in their organisations.

Topics include the following:

  1. Healthcare Information Management
  2. Electronic Health Record
  3. Clinical & Managerial Decision Support
  4. Networks And Data Communication
  5. E-Commerce In Healthcare
  6. Healthcare Information Regulations And Standards
  7. Evaluating It Effectiveness
  8. Insuring Data And Information Quality
  9. Information System Acquisition
  10. Systems Implementation And Support
  11. Managing It Projects
  12. Benefits Of Project Management In Healthcare
  13. Security Of Healthcare Information Systems
  14. Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (Hipaa)
  15. Organizational Performance In Healthcare
  16. Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Healthcare Information