Certified Infection Control Officer (CICO)

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To become: Certified Infection Control Officer (CICO)
In American hospitals alone, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that HAIs account for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year. Of these infections: 32 percent of all healthcare-acquired infections are urinary tract infections, 22 percent are surgical site infections, 15 percent are pneumonia (lung infections), and 14 percent are bloodstream infections.

The CICO provides healthcare practitioners with the scientific and up-to-date approach and practical guide designed to prevent harm caused by infection to patients and healthcare providers.

Topics include the following:

  1. Infection Prevention and Control Principles
  2. Healthcare-Associated Infection
  3. Chain of Infection
  4. Types of Organism
  5. Surveillance
  6. Incident Reporting
  7. Root Cause Analysis
  8. Hand Hygiene
  9. PPE
  10. Safe Use and Storage of Cleaning Agents
  11. Safe Handling and Disposal of Sharps
  12. Waste Management