Patient Safety

Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO)

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To become: Certified Patient Safety Officer (CPSO)
In today’s healthcare, there is a growing demand for healthcare services and very limited resources due to the cost control and shortage in qualified manpower. More than 100,000 people die annually, and millions are injured due to medical errors and most of these errors are preventable.

CPSO course is designed in a way that enables healthcare professionals to master current strategies and methods that will help them reduce medical errors and eliminate vital errors.

Topics include the following:

  1. Patient Safety History
  2. Human Errors in Healthcare
  3. IOM Elements of Quality
  4. Patient Safety Dimensions
  5. Leadership commitment to Patient Safety
  6. Measuring Safety
  7. Teamwork and Communication
  8. Improving Safety Culture
  9. Reporting and Learning from Errors
  10. Patient Engagement in Patient Safety
  11. Setting Standards and Developing Indicators
  12. Compliance Monitoring Systems
  13. Teamwork in Patient Safety
  14. RCA
  15. FMEA
  16. Ethical Issues in Patient Safety